T.R. Governorship of Kocaeli Committee for Adaptation, Consulting and Orientation to the European Union held its 18th Ordinary Meeting on the 2nd of April 2015, Thursday in Kocaeli. The meeting was chaired by Assoc. Prof. Dr. Adnan Çimen, Deputy Governor/Provincial Permanent Contact Point for EU Affairs, and Mr. Enver DÜZ, EU Coordinator of Kocaeli.

Among the participants of the meeting, there were senior officials from provincial public institutions; members Committee for Adaptation, Consulting and Orientation to the EU; EU office staffs of Municipalities, Kocaeli University, East Marmara Development Agency and public institutions as well as attendants from various Non-governmental organizations representing the civil society.

The main agenda of the meeting was the presentation of the 9 different Grant Programmes announced within the framework of 'Civil Society Dialogue - IV' Project being implemented by the Turkish Ministry of EU Affairs. After the presentation of the programmes by EU coordinator of Kocaeli, Enver DÜZ, the meeting continued with the questions and comments by the participants.

To download the 'Civil Society-IV Grant Programmes' presentation, please click HERE