A group of experts from the EU who were in Turkey in order to hold official contacts and talks with different bodies on anti-discrimination and Roma issues, visited our Governorship on Friday 24th of July.

On behalf of the Governorship the committee was accepted the Deputy Governor and provincial EU contact point Assoc. Prof. Dr Adnan ÇİMEN and Provincial director and EU coordinator Mr. Enver DÜZ. The deputy governor Mr. ÇİMEN started the meeting after a welcome and opening speech and gave some brief information about the general situation of Roma people in Turkey; the estimated Roma population in Kocaeli and the negative effects of urbanization especially on the social integration of Roma people to urban life and the society.

Later on, Mr DÜZ was given the floor and gave specific information about the integration status of Roma people in Kocaeli, the perception of local people against Roma, the problems faced by Roma people and our solution attempts for these problems etc. After answering some specific questions by the members of the committee the meeting went on with mutual exchange of ideas on how to create and develop more pro-active precautions and solutions for the problems of local Roma people.

Moreover, the committee was also informed about the projects and activities by run by our Governorship in order for identifying and settlement of problems of Roma in Kocaeli and the consultancy services provided by the Governorship to the NGO's working on the field of Roma integration.

Mr. ÇİMEN extended his thanks to the EU committee for their kind visit and presented a gift in memory of this visit.

The committee left the governorship in order to visit the Metropolitan Municipally and do some field observations in the Roma populated neighbourhoods of İzmit.